Conditions of Club Membership

By ticking and accepting the terms and conditions of our club membership you therefore digitally sign and agree to the follow terms:

Membership Declaration General:

  1. I confirm by my signature that I have no medical condition that could restrict me from riding with the club.
  2. I agree to indemnify the Club officers, the land owners and any person connected with the Club’s rides and events from any liability whatsoever resulting in personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss, damage or expense caused.
  3. I agree that I participate in the Club’s activities entirely at my own risk and that I must ride in a manner that is safe for others and myself.
  4. I agree that it is solely my decision to take part in these activities.
  5. I confirm that the mountain bike(s) that I use are in good working order and properly maintained.
  6. I have, or will, read and agree to act to the rules of the Club and the Conditions of Membership and agree to abide by them.

Parental Consent: 

  1. All membership participants under the age of 18 must have a signed parental consent form. The only exemption is where a young person having reached the age of 16 can prove that they are no longer living with their parents or guardian and are living as an independent adult.
  2. There is no minimum age for children attending our rides, however ideally a parent or guardian needs to be present on the ride.
  3. Parents or guardians must be aware of the demands of cycling and that they alone make the decision about the ability of their child to complete the ride.
  4. Special provision is provided by the Club for Youth/Family specific rides, however on a non specific Youth/Family ride there may not be this provision available.
  5. Unless otherwise arranged at a specific Youth/Family ride then all arrangements to get to and from the ride are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  6. You also consent that photos of your child may be published in Club literature, promotional items and website articles and online photo galleries.

Rules and Conditions of Membership:

  1. Helmets are mandatory. Helmets must be worn on all rides, and must be fitted and adjusted correctly. BucksMTB holds the right to refuse attendance of riders whom do not have a helmet.
  2. To follow the guidelines laid down in the BucksMTB Club Constitution
  3. CyclingUK (Previously 'CTC') Rules of conduct apply
  4. Bikes must be suitable for the ride and properly maintained. This is the responsibility of the rider/owner of the bike. E-Bikes must be suitably charged for the duration of the ride you are attending.
  5. Riders are requested not to join rides that are beyond their level of ability and endurance.
  6. Members are responsible for their own personal safety whilst on Club rides (Group Rides, Club Rides, Club Trips, Led Rides other Club Events)
  7. The Club or its staff or officers cannot be held responsible for personal injury, loss or damage to the property of any member.
  8. Members have a duty of care to others and property.
  9. The Club reserves the right to withdraw membership of any member who behaves in a manner that may bring the Club or the sport into disrepute.
  10. Mountain biking is a potentially hazardous and strenuous sport. You are a member of BucksMTB because you are an enthusiast but do not ride beyond your level of ability and endurance.
  11. Come equipped to all rides with suitable clothing, spares, refreshment and, if possible, a mobile phone. Also bring an emergency telephone contact list and some money for emergencies.
  12. All members are encouraged to have an “I.C.E” telephone number programmed into their mobile phones. (ICE = “In Case of Emergency”)
  13. The CyclingUK ('CTC') rules require us to have a list of ‘Leaders’ and this is kept by the Club Executive Committee. Every official group ride should have a leader. If there is no leader on any part of the ride it is then deemed to be an unofficial club ride.
  14. A toolkit/spares should always be carried and include, as a bare minimum: inner tube(s) and puncture repair kit, tyre levers and a pump. We highly recommend also carrying brake pads, allen keys and spanners or multi-tool, a gear cable (inner), chain link extractor, a few spare joining links to suit your chain (or a chain quick line) and a few cable ties. In the darker months you should also carry ‘get-home’ lights – front and rear.
  15. Declare any medical conditions or medication that you are taking to the Club and make sure you always carry medication if required (e.g. inhalers).
  16. It is each member’s responsibility to carry any medication needed for any condition (diabetes, asthma etc.) and you should inform fellow riders of special assistance that may be required.
  17. There is no minimum or maximum age for an individual member. This applies to both Senior and Junior membership categories that exist.
  18. Junior members under 18 years should be supervised on Club rides by a parent or recognized guardian unless a parental/guardian disclaimer is signed and also that BucksMTB leaders are present and that the BucksMTB Constitution, BucksMTB Club Rules, BucksMTB Child Protection Policy, BucksMTB Code of Conduct for working with Minors and BucksMTB Ride Risk Assessments are adhered to.
  19. Club members must not promote themselves as an employee, staff member, volunteer or club website race team member without seeking approval and written permission from the Club Chairman.
  20. BucksMTB holds the right to amend these rules and conditions of membership as and when required.

The Club Constitution:

  1. The Club Constitution is a large document on which the basis of the club, its rules and operating procedures are designed and laid down in. A copy of the constitution is available in the club members area download section of the club or is available upon request.

Please note:

  1. These terms and conditions and rules of membership are correct as of going to press but are subject to change at anytime.
  2. For queries on terms and rules please contact us.

Senior membership is available for all adults over 18 years of age.

Junior membership is available to all riders under the age of 18 years of age. 

Family membership covers a family of up to 4 persons. The package is based on 2 adults and 2 children (under 18) who all live at the same address.


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